Together we are strong! We can now plan, manufacture, assemble, service and maintain complete plant systems from supply to exhaust air purification in an energy-efficient manner.

Process calculations

Every solution starts with the right concept, which our engineers develop in the best possible way.


A reliable pool of data is the base for the success of a solution.

Project planning

The rational implementation of projects is founded on the exact planning of all details.


Solid craftsmanship ensures realistic and cost-effective implementation.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Those who manufacture and assemble components themselves rely on seamless quality.

Commissioning & Service

As a full-service provider, customer support never ends.


It's time to change

Founded in 2000 as atea Anlagentechnik GmbH, HLU-atea can look back on an extremely successful development. The company cooperates with permanent partners at many international locations.

The customer list includes many well-known corporations. HLU-atea covers all project steps of industrial plant engineering. From conception to commissioning, all services come from a single source. Synergies are used, friction losses are reduced and cost advantages are realized.

HLU-atea has the know how and experience to realize highest quality in all project stages. Excellently trained engineers and technicians are highly motivated and see the customer's satisfaction as the focus of their efforts.

With effect from January 1, 2022, Hürner Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH - HLU for short - headquartered in Mücke-Atzenhain, Germany, has acquired all shares in atea Anlagentechnik GmbH.

HLU has thus added the acquired process technology to its range of expertise in air and water purification. Together with atea, HLU can now plan, manufacture, install, service and maintain complete plant systems from intake to exhaust air purification in an energy-efficient manner.

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